20 families affected by the closure of a classroom in a school in Las Cabezas de San Juan

A decision that is not understood. The association of parents with children in the CEIP Saint John the Baptistin The Heads of Saint Johnstill do not understand that the Territorial Delegation of Education and Sports remove a line from Infant for the next course, despite the existence of sufficient demand to maintain it. The collection of signatures and all the measures carried out since they became aware of this loss have fallen on deaf ears. After the publication of the final list of admitted students, the approach of the Autonomous Administration remains unchanged.

Until now, this center has two Infant lines (two classes per course), which from September will be reduced to one. Although this cut has become a constant in many schools in the province as a result of the drop in birth ratethe parents of San Juan Bautista consider that there is no justification for this case, due to the requests received during the month of March.

At the end of the first phase of schooling for the 2022/23 academic year, the CEIP San Juan Bautista received 47 applications for enrollment for three-year-old children, level with which a place is guaranteed for the rest of the educational stages. However, the surprise came when the intention of the department he heads Maria Jose Eslava to delete a line. This elimination will begin the next academic year with the disappearance of a unit.

More than a thousand signatures collected

Such a measure leaves out of the school 20 families who had chosen it and that, after applying the scale and holding the tiebreaker draw, they have not been able to obtain a vacancy in the only three-year-old Infant unit with which this public center remains. They will have to send their children to the other schools in this municipality of Bajo Guadalquivir. One of the reasons for the demand received by the San Juan Bautista is its facilities, which were expanded and improved a few years ago. To request that this deletion not be carried out, 1,300 signatures have already been collected and taken to the delegation. From Education only responds that “the schooling process has not yet finished.”

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It should be remembered that a similar case has occurred this year at the CEIP José María del Campo, in the Triana neighborhood of Seville, where a unit was also lost that will be recovered for the next academic year after having registered more than 40 requests in March. of schooling. An exception within the general drop in demand, sponsored by the pressing decline in the birth rate.

But the complaints of the families of San Juan Bautista are not limited to this cut, but also to the lack of professionals who have been suffering for several courses. In this sense, members of the AMPA recall that they only have one Petis (social integration technical professional) who provides service three hours a week, a pedagogue for the entire school – which is attended by 400 students – and a part-time speech therapist and shared with another educational center. “My son, who has an autistic disorder, can only be seen by the speech therapist for half an hour,” laments a mother.

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