2. Bundesliga: Third coach dismissal after only eight match days

In the 2nd Bundesliga this week things are going on in quick succession when it comes to the layoffs of coaches. The third club pulled the rip cord on Tuesday.

FC Erzgebirge Aue gave the starting shot and on Sunday, September 19, 2021, was the first second division team of this 2021/2022 season to part with coach Aleksei Spilevski. On Monday evening, Ole Werner resigned from KSV Holstein Kiel and on Tuesday evening it continued: The SV Sandhausen has stood out from its head coaching duo Gerhard Kleppinger and Stefan Kulovits separated. Four points from eight games were not enough for the SVS.

“Over the past few weeks we have emphasized that we don’t want to come to an interim conclusion until matchday 10, but always with the basic requirement that the team will develop positively from matchday to matchday by then. Unfortunately, it was particularly in the past three games No positive development can be seen. The opposite has occurred. That is why, after a thorough analysis, we made this decision, which is very difficult for us for several reasons, because both Gerhard Kleppinger and Stefan Kulovits have a long past at SV Sandhausen and have made great contributions to Verein “, explains J├╝rgen Machmeier, President of the SVS, the motivation for the decision.

Gerhard Kleppinger has been working as a coach for the second division squad of SV Sandhausen since 2012 – initially as an assistant coach for many years, and since February this year as head coach. He played this role together with Stefan Kulovits. The Austrian himself came to SVS in 2013, when he was still a player.

Kleppinger stays with the association

With the 63-year-old Kleppinger, the SVS officials have already worked out a follow-up solution by mutual agreement, so that he will remain with the club. Kleppinger will rebuild the SVS scouting department, intensify the connection of the performance teams from the SVS NLZ to the professional area and also be responsible for projects in the school cooperations of SV Sandhausen.

Schwartz and Kauczinski are traded

Alois Schwartz seems to have the best cards in the head coach position. But Markus Kauczinski should also be a hot candidate. Sandhausen will play in Hanover on Sunday. It remains to be seen whether the club will have found a solution by then.



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