15-year-old thief arrested for snatching a handbag in Chartres, France – Latest News and Updates

On Friday October 20, 2023, around 4 p.m., a 76-year-old woman was walking on Avenue d’Aligre, near the Grands Prés stadium. A teenager then appeared to snatch her handbag.

During the alleged theft, he allegedly caused the septuagenarian to fall. The thief then allegedly threw the handbag in a trash can after taking the cash and the bank card.

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The thug then allegedly used the bank card for contactless purchases, including a pack of cigarettes, a phone recharge and food in a fast food store. The loss of expenses is estimated at more than 40 euros.

The suspect is 15 years old

The victim, who had three ITTs, filed a complaint at the Chartres police station. Departmental security investigators consulted images of one of the businesses in which the thief allegedly used the bank card.

The police easily recognized the face of the suspect, a minor well known to investigators and the justice system. He has already been convicted of five thefts in one year.

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The suspect, 15 years old, was arrested in a social hotel in Chartres on November 16. According to the police, during an interview, he admitted to theft and fraud.

Thierry Delaunay

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