138 jobs at risk at Lunch Garden: management regrets “non-constructive attitude” of socialist union | Economy | Money

BELGAONTHESPOT Union action at the Lunch Garden of Bierges Friday.

At Lunch Garden, a clash is looming between management and staff, after the announcement earlier this week that 138 of the approximately 1,100 jobs will have to be lost at the restaurant chain. That said union representative Bjorn Desmet Friday. An action notice was already submitted on Thursday and, according to the management, there were already strike actions in seven restaurants on Friday. Management deplores the “non-constructive attitude” of the socialist trade union.

The union has started information sessions and wants to provide the necessary time for this, it sounds. These information sessions are spread across Lunch Garden’s many branches, in shifts, and that can lead to work stoppages here and there, he acknowledges. On Friday morning, the branches in Bierges, Jambes and a few restaurants in Liège remained closed.

‘Pressure for action notification’

According to Desmet, the pressure to submit an action notice comes mainly from the bottom up. “The people are tired of it. The plan of the management to cut 138 jobs is also completely at odds with the current operation of the chain.”

He points out that the announcement of the collective redundancy does not create any financial added value at the moment. “A lot of staff are already technically unemployed due to the corona crisis. We expect this to be the case for months.” He also points out that once the restaurant chain is up and running again, “we will need all the hands (…) In the past there was already a shortage of staff.”


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