Harga HP Realme C Series Oktober 2020, Realme C3, Realme C15, Realme C11

Merdeka.com – One smartphone brand that carries low prices is Realme. In its home country of China, Realme is known as a subsidiary of Oppo which is under BBK Electronis. Well, because of the low price and high quality, Realme is much sought after in the country.

One of the flagship products from Realme is the C Series Realme. This is a line of entry-level smartphones that is very much in demand due to its low price. With ease, in only one year of being in Indonesia, Realme can break into the top 4 smartphone brands in Indonesia.

The advantage of Realme C apart from price, is the unique experience its users will have. In addition, the appearance of Realme C will always be stunning considering this is a new brand that prioritizes elegant design.

Moreover, in several variants of the C Series, Realme dares to put a high capacity battery. As in the C12 and C15, the battery capacity is up to 6,000mAh at a price of under Rp. 2 million. Interested? Let’s look at the price of the HP Realme C quoted by Merdeka.com from the following sources.

The HP Realme C price list shown on this list is not absolute. The price of the HP Realme C can change at any time according to market dynamics and retail or seller decisions. Check out the next page!


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