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1,200 Labor-Student Mass Demonstrations in Front of the Palace, This is the Demand


Elements of workers and students from BEM Universitas Indonesia (UI) will hold an action rally today. There were at least 1,000 mass workers and 200 BEM SI masses who took part in the demonstration in commemoration of the Youth Pledge Day, which falls today.

“About 1,000 are from Gebrak (Joint Labor Movement with the People). We coordinate with students. There are about 200 from BEM SI,” said Chairman of the Congress of the Indonesian Trade Union Alliance (Kasbi) Nining Elitos to detik.com, Thursday (28/10/2021).

Gathering point pulp workers are in front of the US Embassy. They will then move to the front of the Palace, Jakarta.

Meanwhile, for the masses from BEM SI, the point of action is at the Horse Statue, Central Jakarta. They gathered first on the UI campus.

Nining said there were a number of demands that were brought up in the demonstration. First, the demand to revoke Law Number 11 of 2019 concerning Job Creation and various derivative regulations.

Gebrak also urged the termination of termination of employment (PHK), stop criminalization and arrest of activists, as well as guarantee equal rights and protection for domestic workers and migrant workers.

They also demanded guarantees of protection for workers in various sectors, investigations into corruption at BPJS Employment, the return of 58 KPK employees, an end to the silence and repression of people’s movements.

Besides, Gebrak demand ending violence against women.

“Gebrak’s demands are to revoke the omnibus law on the Job Creation Act and its derivatives, stop the silence and repression of people’s movements, investigate BPJS corruption cases, investigate corruption cases in social assistance, stop unilateral layoffs, stop violence against women. The Jokowi-Amin regime has failed to prosper the people,” said Ning.

Several elements of society who plan to take part in the action at the Palace today include Kasbi, Confederation of Indonesian Workers’ Union (KPBI), Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA), Central National Labor Movement (SGBN), National Union Confederation (KSN), Media and Industry Workers Union. Creative for Democracy (SYNDICATION), LBH Jakarta, YLBHI, SP-Banking, KPR, SEMPRO, LMND-DN, to GMNI-Presidium.

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