100% logical, The Voice Kids … what to watch on TV tonight?

The game 100% logic: the answer is right in front of youXwill follow at 21:10 onwards France 2. This new family game, presented by Cyril Féraud, is the first quiz that tests not general knowledge, but the logic, the sense of observation and the common sense of the spectators. For this first, three personalities will lend themselves to the game and support the hundred candidates of the day: Caroline Margeridon, actor Noom Diawara and comedian Isabelle Vitari.

At 9.10pm onwards TF1 let’s watch entertainment The boys of the voice. Nahel, Sana, Titouan, Luna Gabriel, Léa, Aivan, or the twins Meïssane and Mellina: all these candidates amazed the audience and the four coaches with songs interpreted with great precision. With one of the toughest formations, this second night of battles promises to be breathtaking.

France 3 put at 21:10 on, The mysteries of the choir. A gendarmerie captain is investigating the murder of an 18-year-old girl who was killed on her way home from the choir where she sang. A rhythmic thriller with a well-crafted plot that raises social and cultural issues, all served by an excellent duo of actors, Maud Baecker-Nicolas Marié, captivating and complementary.

We conclude this selection with the magazine End call at 20:55 onwards France 5. At the edge of the tourist towns, Ismaël Khelifa discovers places that seem like the end of the world: Moroccan villages. Life in these countries subjects the inhabitants to certain difficulties. Access to work, education or even health care is less obvious than in the city. So the villagers show ingenuity and develop great solidarity.

Sara Ibri

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