10 royal podcasts to satisfy your royal cravings

It might be the lockdown, but we’ve all become royally obsessed.

Whether it’s on-screen brawls in The Crown, The Duchess of Sussex’s upcoming privacy lawsuit, or Netflix’s Diana documentaries, nothing hides: our fascination with the royal family has never was also great.

There might not be any new episodes of The Crown until 2022, but luckily a host of big names in podcasting have emerged to satisfy our royal cravings.

From dissecting the Duchess of Cambridge’s last public appearance to analyzing the line of succession, here is your repertoire of the royal cast.

Audio Archewell


It would be difficult to start a list of royal podcasts without mentioning one hosted by members of the Royal Family (or former members of the Royal Family). With Archewell audio, the MO of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to promote compassion and kindness.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to create programming that ‘uplifts and entertains audiences around the world‘ with podcasts that aim to ‘build community through stories of shared experiences and values’. From pop superstar Elton John to tennis pro Naomi Osaka, the podcast features a range of inspirational and star-studded characters. Even baby Archie makes an appearance in their first holiday episode.

Regularly (follow on Spotify for episode updates), Spotify

The Crown: the official podcast


There may not be any new episodes of The Crown left to consume onscreen, but have you listened to his entire audio series? Meet your new podcasting obsession: The Crown’s official podcast.

Hosted by Scottish radio DJ and TV presenter Edith Bowman, the series follows the show episode by episode, delving deeper into the stories and taking listeners behind the scenes. Guests include writer and creator Peter Morgan and cast members Olivia Colman, Gillian Anderson and Helena Bonham Carter.

Read the Evening Standard interview with Bowman about it here.

The HeirPod

(The Pod Heir)

ABC News royal contributor Omid Scobie and author of Finding Freedom takes a look at the latest stories and gossip from the House of Windsor, going behind the royal walls to offer analysis on the younger royals.

From holiday traditions to climate change, this podcast covers every nook and cranny of royal life.

Royally Obsessed Podcast

(Royally obsessed)

American journalists and passionate royals Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie join forces to chronicle the “ups and downs of Buckingham Palace”.

With guests from illustrator Amelia Noyes to Town & Country editor-in-chief Caroline Hallemann, the podcast offers a light conversation, discussing all royal fashion matters to Markle’s best friends.



Self-describing Meadhbh McGrath and Tom Godfrey in London offer a roundup of all the latest headlines, gossip and rumors about the Royal Family.

With discussions ranging from messages hidden in Instagram captions to the Queen’s speech, the hosts wanted to create a space where they could “talk about the importance of the Royal Family without taking it all seriously.”

Le Royal Rota

(Le Royal Rota)

Each week, ITV Royal Editor Chris Ship and Royal Producer Lizzie Robinson reflect on the biggest stories they’ve covered over the past seven days. Released every Friday, the pair analyze and provide insight into the latest royal events – from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s lockdown life to Markle’s legal battle with the Mail on Sunday.

British history: Royals, rebels and romantics

(Podcast on British History)

Tudorian history and Shakespearean expert Carol Ann Lloyd offers listeners a chance to “walk with playwrights and stroll through castles and cathedrals”.

Launched in 2020, this podcast promises a journey through time to explore lesser-known facts and figures, and to understand how the past is shaping the Royal Family today,

Palace plot

(Palace plot)

Daily five-minute podcasts providing information on what’s new from the Royal Family. Hosted by Mark Francis, these bite-sized podcasts focus on the latest headlines and royal gossip.

With over 100 episodes, Palace Intrigue claims to be “like The Crown in real time”.

Sang noble

(Sang noble)

This podcast by American journalist and author Dana Shwartz delves into history to explore the stories and scandals surrounding former members of the royal family.

Filled with love, bad decisions and tyrants, this series unveils the truth behind some of the greatest figures in British history.

Pod Save The Queen

(Pod Save The Queen)

Host Anne Gripper and Royal Daily Mirror Editor Russel Myers offer details and behind-the-scenes commentary on the Royal Family, their duties and challenges. Tackling Megxit and the Queen’s treatment of Prince Andrew, this series promises “a glimpse into the royal family and their place in Britain today.”

From the Daily Mirror, this series also follows Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis and the struggles they face growing up in the public eye.

Podcast Royal

(Podcast Royal)

Hosted by Rachel Burchfield and Jessica Robinson, Podcast Royal provides candid commentary on the latest Windsor gossip. With segments on fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle, the hosts want to offer Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex inspired advice that listeners can incorporate into their lives.

Launching in 2020, the episodes also include discussions of other royal families across Europe.

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