0: 1 and red for Eberl – Gladbacher frustration after Petersen-Tor

30th Bundesliga matchday

Borussia Mönchengladbach missed the hoped-for victory at SC Freiburg and thus important points for the desired qualification for the Champions League. The 0: 1 with two relegations causes great disappointment – and has consequences.

Freiburg (dpa) – Max Eberl showed all of Borussia Mönchengladbach’s frustration. The sports director complained, he was upset about the dismissal for Alassane Plea – and no longer in a reasonable frame, as the referee team decided.

Referee Markus Schmidt came to the sidelines on the 46-year-old and pulled out red. Eberl’s outburst of anger did nothing to change Borussia’s 0-1 defeat at SC Freiburg. The unusual reference from the interior of the stadium proves, however, how nervous the will to qualify for the Champions League is.

“We are very disappointed because we want to get involved, we would have needed three points today,” admitted Gladbach’s coach Marco Rose and appealed for understanding the excitement of his sports director: “Of course, Max was extremely emotional. We are all very emotional. We have goals, we all want to win. So it burst out of him. “

The 43-year-old can understand that. He was also affected by the quite new regulation because he had spoken unsportingly towards the referees in the DFB Cup last October. Since this season, yellow cards and field references for coaches and team officials are also possible. At the end of September, Sandro Schwarz from Mainz was the first coach in Bundesliga history to see yellow and red. Now Eberl got it.

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The pressure of the Gladbachers in the season’s final sprint is great, the goal is a place in the top four. You don’t want to miss out on qualifying for the Champions League again, as you did on the last day of the previous season, when there is more. At the end of Rose’s first season on the Lower Rhine, more than the Europa League should jump out. Therefore, the coach was very angry about the defeat in Breisgau, which his team could have prevented with goals in the dominant first half.

“I am very frustrated, after each loss I am very frustrated,” he said. “Of course, now in the final spurt, when it comes to goals that you have in mind, that is even more annoying when the defeat comes about.” The substitute Bundesliga record joker Nils Petersen had annoyed the Gladbachers. With his first action in the 58th minute, the former striker decided the game in favor of the Freiburg team who had previously been victorious after the Corona virus break.

Ten minutes later followed the turbulent moments with the yellow-red card for Plea, for Rose a “joke in total”, and the resulting turmoil with red for Eberl. “Of course points would have been good today,” said offensive player Patrick Herrmann. Goalkeeper Yann Sommer found the defeat “difficult to accept”. Given the complicated away task at FC Bayern Munich next Saturday, a win would have helped.

The yellow-red card for Plea also hurts because the French top striker will not be able to play and the difficult task for the near champions will not be any easier. According to the rules of the game, it will be prohibited for Eberl to stay inside the stadium during the top game. Just like in the last 20 minutes in Freiburg.

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