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Confusion about the courtroom conclusion … President’s business office, Embarrassment
尹, battling for people’s livelihood … “Nervous” about the terrible information from Yeouido
I am having difficulties to discover a driving pressure for the governing administration … The “job principle” has also ignited.

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President Yoon Seok-yeol has drawn a line in people’s ability, indicating he will not intervene in party affairs.

Amid the stimulation of people’s livelihoods starting on the hundredth day of their inauguration, the “big bad news” from Yeouido is lengthening and worries are deepening about how to prepare the driving pressure for the governing administration.

Correspondent Jo Eun-ji.


The interior views of President Yoon Seok-yeol have been uncovered by incident, “the chief of the bash who was shooting internally”.

Right after that, on the 18th, Lee Jun-seok, the former consultant of people’s power, who had remained silent, seriously attacked President Yoon.

[이준석 / 국민의힘 전 대표 (지난 13일) : 당의 위기가 아니라 대통령의 지도력의 위기입니다. 저에 대해서 이 XX 저 XX 하는 사람을 대통령 만들기 위해 당 대표로서 열심히 뛰어야 했던 제 쓰린 마음이….]

Even in the “text wave,” President Yoon in no way stated it.

[윤석열 / 대통령 (지난 17일 기자회견) : 다른 정치인들께서 어떤 정치적 발언을 하셨는지 제가 제대로 챙길 기회도 없고!]

In the midst of prolonged community electricity, the non-captain method took the initial stage with issue and President Yoon unusually frequented the banquet and shouted “Bash team, combating”.

In check out of the September normal session of the Nationwide Assembly, which is loaded with important jobs these types of as controlling up coming year’s spending plan, abolishing the Ministry for Gender Equality and the Relatives, and discussing the three key reforms, we have also determined to create a day of implantation.

[윤석열 대통령 (지난 25일) : 국민의 어려운 부분들을 제대로 긁어드리고, 제대로 고쳐드릴 수 있는 그런 유능한 정당과 정부라고 하는 것을 제대로 보여드리기 위해서….]

Nonetheless, the up coming day, the ruling occasion was all over again plunged into turbulence when a ruling was issued citing an injunction to suspend the responsibilities of Ho-Youthful Joo, the vice president.

The guarantee to guidance the working of the condition govt by uniting the get together governing administration was turned down and we were being in a problem exactly where we had to take care of household conflicts quickly.

Furthermore, the huge opposition Democratic Occasion, which is about to start around with the “a person program of Lee Jae-myung”, has began an assault.

[우상호 / 더불어민주당 비상대책위원장 : 지금 윤석열 대통령, 잘하고 있습니까? (국민은) 취임한 지 100일 만에 대한민국이 이렇게 엉망이 됐냐고 한탄하고 있습니다.]

President Yoon, who struggles with a 20% acceptance fee, focuses on people’s livelihoods every single day, but Yeouido is sucking up all of the new government’s issues like a black gap.

In a scenario in which a line has been drawn frequently in get together affairs and there is no very clear answer, the presidential office is deeply troubled as to how to safe the power of point out affairs.

President Yoon’s buy to enjoy a function in politics, not the regulation, is also in the environment of conservative elders.

I am YTN Jo Eun-ji.

YTN Jo Eun-ji ([email protected])

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