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▷ POL-PPRP: Ludwigshafen – attempted blackmail

20.06.2021 – 11:23

Police Headquarters Rheinpfalz

Ludwigshafen (ots)

On Sunday, around 12:30 a.m., the two 18-year-old victims from Ludwigshafen were within walking distance of the Ludwigshafen main station. In the Bürgermeister-Kutterer-Strasse, the two were approached by five previously unknown suspects and asked for money. After denying this, the accused asked the two young men to give them money, otherwise they would be beaten. Out of fear, one of the victims handed over a small amount of cash. After a brief diversionary maneuver, both victims were able to flee and, during the escape, snatch the cash that had just been handed over from one of the accused. The accused are described as follows: 16-20 years old, short dark hair and dark or dressed in camouflage pants. One of the five accused also wore a gold chain and has a cut in the eyebrow. The Police Inspection Ludwigshafen 1 receives information on the identity of the previously unknown men on 0621 – 963-2122.

Please send any questions to:

Police Headquarters Rheinpfalz

Phone: 0621-963-0
Email: [email protected]

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