World Quarantine ships weighing gold. For each migrant 4800...

Quarantine ships weighing gold. For each migrant 4800 euros per month


over four million euros (plus VAT) for 285 beds. About 40 thousand euro per day for the 101 days of contract foreseen by the announcement. That is about 160 euros per day per migrant, small change plus small change less, or approximately 4,800 euros of monthly expenditure for each guest on board. This is the cost foreseen by the government for the rental of new ships for the reception of migrants “rescued at sea or arrived on the national territory following autonomous landings in the context of the emergency” coronavirus.

The announcement, published yesterday from Civil protection, will result in a contract in a few days. The procedure is abbreviated, typical of the emergency period. Then within 24 hours from the stipulation of the charter, the owner will have to bring the ships to the southern coast of Sicily, ready to host the newly disembarked migrants. The means, according to the technical attachment, among other things, they must be able to make transfers, have sufficient cabins to accommodate 250 migrants (possibly for single use), a controlled confinement area for at least ten migrants with symptoms of Covid-19 and the availability of ten single cabins (with independent bathroom) for the 35 operators responsible for health care. The contract is due to expire on 31 October, unless extensions or early termination of the state of emergency. Total cost of the operation for 101 days: € 4,037,475.00 plus VAT. Including 3 million for rental and 1 million to be paid in “according to the number of migrants actually hosted”.

The landing of immigrants positive is the new frontier of the fight against the virus. In recent days several cases have been recorded both in Calabria and in Sicily. The respective governors fear that import contagion could frustrate the efforts made so far to eradicate the disease. But if the cops clamoring to “block landings” (in Siderno half of the police station is in quarantine after having been in contact with infected people), for now the government is concerned with finding accommodation for those who have already arrived and who will soon arrive. The centers located in the area have highlighted many problems, including the various escapes of foreigners subjected to mandatory quarantine. Hence the idea of ​​using large boats. There Moby Zaza she has been in Porto Empedocle for two months, she has already done this task, but in a few days – when the last migrant finishes the quarantine – will be returned to the owner, which has decided not to extend the contract with the state. It will be replaced by the new 4 million euro ships in three months.

“Italian citizens, many of whom without income, without forms of support, with their taxes are forced to spend, for only 250 immigrants, 40 thousand euros per day”, attacks the Hon. Paolo Grimoldi, secretary of the Lombard League. “We recall that these illegal immigrants passed off as refugees come mainly from Tunisia and Bangladesh where wars have not been fought for over half a century: they are economic migrants who have no requirement to obtain a form of protection.” Matteo Salvini: “On one hand, the government lowers fines for NGOs who transport illegal immigrants to Italy (making them less salty than a penalty on the highway) – says the leader – on the other hand puts 4 million plus VAT to rent ships for the reception. Rather than canceling the security decrees, Pd and 5Stelle should apply them to defend the borders “. Meanwhile, the data say that 9,706 people have landed since the beginning of the year, against 3,186 in the same period a year ago. “For now we are talking about 250 immigrants – concludes Grimoldi – but almost 10 thousand have arrived and from here at the end of the summer this figure will be destined to quintuple to stay low. Try to calculate 160 euros per day for 70 or 80 thousand immigrants…”.


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