Health In-person care is suspended and 20 Houssay Hospital workers...

In-person care is suspended and 20 Houssay Hospital workers are isolated «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata


Confirmation that four patients who were admitted to the Hospital Houssay positive for coronavirus forced the management of the establishment to take drastic preventive measures: isolate about twenty workers and lay off, with specific exceptions, in-office medical care.

The measure was communicated to THE CAPITAL by the director of the hospital, José Horni, who also warned that employees who are currently undergoing a preventive quarantine remain asymptomatic. “They are doctors, maids and nurses who were with the confirmed patients for more than fifteen minutes. They are all isolated in their homes ”, he pointed.

Regarding medical care, the manager provided details of the restrictions that will be carried out. “Surgeries are restricted only emergency or oncology. In the doctor’s offices, meanwhile, they will return to the telephone service, with a few exceptions. Members must call, ask for an appointment and the doctor will be consulted by phone and from there it will be evaluated how to proceed.“He indicated.

On the other hand, Horni indicated that the four infected patients – three women of 67, 85 and 68 years and a man of 74 – are with “They are mild symptomatic”. “Some have respiratory symptoms and others only fever,” he said, while ensuring that the local doctors maintain communication with family members.

The four people were hospitalized for different pathologies on the fourth floor of the hospital located in Juan B. Justo at 1,700. There, the nurse who became infected on July 2 and had a “high viral load” performed tasks. “That was our index case”Horni stressed.

Confirmed the swabs performed on the patients, all had to be transferred to the third floor of the hospital, the only one enabled for cases of COVID-19. In total, there are around 45 hospitalized people in the hospital. None of the people in intensive care correspond to cases with coronavirus.

Regarding infections, Horni highlighted that they are situations that can occur in the context of a pandemic and called for strengthening prevention measures in the community.

“We are going through a pandemic and we see how provinces that until now had no cases, suddenly the virus enters a gap. Mar del Plata has a lot of communication with the Federal Capital, it is not exceptional for the virus to enter the city through some loophole. We are not free from that happening, so we must continue to emphasize prevention measures, “he said, adding: “Without social distancing there will be contagiousness and deaths must be avoided”.


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