Coronavirus: These colonies of three mayors concentrate more Covid-19 cases



The municipalities of Xochimilco and Milpa Alta concentrate 5 of the 10 colonies with the most active cases of covid-19 in Mexico City, as announced by the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, in videoconference.

In Xochimilco, the colonies with the most active cases are: San Gregorio Atlapulco, with 50 cases, San José Zacatepec, with 30, and Santa Cruz Acalpixca, 27 cases.

While in Milpa Alta are the San Antonio Tecomitl neighborhoods, with 45 cases and San Salvador Cuauhtenco, with 44 cases.

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Anáhuac II, by Miguel Hidalgo, where there are 35 cases are also in the list of the 10 colonies with the most active cases of coronavirus; the town of San Miguel Topilejo, in Tlalpan, with 34; that of San Francisco Tlaltenco, in Tláhuac with 32, and the Colonia Roma Sur I, in Cuauhtémoc, with 26.

These are the neighborhoods or areas of the city with the highest number of positive people. It is very important that the people who live there take more precautions, that is where our health brigades are going to report house to house, to locate contacts, to guide them to take tests, and (in case they have symptoms) what is what they should do, if they have any comorbidity, that they can approach hospitals early, “Sheinbaum explained.

He stressed that particularly in the southern area “there are a significant number of towns that have a significant number of active people. We are also being helped by municipalities to care for people and take much greater precautions in these areas to avoid contagion. “

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