″Amorim would be at Benfica at the end of the year. There was pressure not to sign.



Frederico Varandas left great praise for the leonine coach.

Amorim’s hiring: “I never paid much attention to what they said. It was an anticipation move. I would be at Benfica at the end of the year. There were already talks or pressure for him not to sign for Sporting. Today nobody has doubts about his quality. because it has a market. It’s a compliment for us. Amorim has a structure that you will hardly find. I’ve already told you that. A clinical director, a sports scientist that we got from Arsenal, a sports director like we have. The role of the president is not training, is to make believe and gather the best team. We can have a spectacular structure, but without the coach everything is incompetent.”

More praise for the trainer: “He is a young coach, he will be 37 years old. He is in his first year in the Champions League and is in the eighth. He is in all the discussions. He won the championship, the League Cup. He is a normal man and he is a brilliant coach. an excellent men’s driver. He has a contract until 2024. He’s smart, he knows he’s growing and he has ideal conditions for it. Maybe he won’t be at Sporting for ten years, he could be eight, six or four. He’s happy at Sporting. Possible exit at the end of the season? It’s a non-issue.”


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