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Zwettl HAK Students Receive Certificates for ‘FiRi’ Training Focus

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From left: WKNÖ district office chairwoman (Zwettl) Anne Blauensteiner, Nicole Kurz, WKNÖ division manager Rudolf Klopsch (bank and insurance), Corinna Rößler, Nadine Thaler (Lower Austria insurance), Kerstin Zach, Christoph Dorrer (Raiffeisenbank Region Waldviertel Mitte) Franziska Kolm, division manager (Oberbank AG) and WKNÖ specialist representatives (banks and bankers) Franz Frosch, Alexander Huber, HAK teachers Alfred Kubicka, Karim Ortner, Alexander Roth, HAK teachers Heinz Traxler, Samuel Prinz-Reiterer, principal Martina Dorfinger (HAK Zwettl), Celina Grötzl, Nadine Vollgruber, HAK teacher Johannes Jachs, Julia Pachner, HAK teacher Anton Allinger and Jessica Weissensteiner.

Great success for the Zwettl HAK students: Celina Grötzl, Alexander Huber, Franziska Kolm, Nicole Kurz, Karim Ortner, Julia Pachner, Samuel Prinz-Reiterer, Corinna Rößler, Alexander Roth, Nadine Vollgruber, Jessica Weissensteiner and Kerstin Zach have it Completed the “FiRi” training focus and received the certificates after successful technical discussions. Schoolchildren throughout Lower Austria can obtain additional qualifications relating to banking and insurance at the HAK Zwettl, Wr. Neustadt and St. Pölten as well as at AULB Stockerau.

Business unit manager (Oberbank AG) and WKNÖ specialist representative (banks and bankers) Franz Frosch emphasizes the importance of practice-oriented training: “At the end of this three-year focus, you not only have a certificate about the knowledge and skills you have acquired, about the added value of the training In addition, this lays the foundation for a significant advantage on the job market, as the course offers the students direct insights into organizational structures and work processes.”

HAK students convinced of the training

Alexander Huber dealt with the topic of virtual reality banking as part of his diploma thesis. “Virtual reality is becoming more and more important due to ongoing digitization. It was exciting to exchange views on this topic with the examination board as a representative of the economy as part of the technical discussion,” says Alexander Huber, summing up the FiRi technical discussion.
For Nicole Kurz, the topic of online shopping with a cryptocurrency was the focus: “I wrote my thesis on this topic because it interests me personally. The FiRi training focus made me decide to start studying business with a focus on corporate and insolvency law in the fall.”

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