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Food Delivery Workers in New York City Now Earn a Minimum Wage: A Game Changer for the Industry

[música][música][música]pamela: we continue with much more,from the month of Julyfood delivery peoplenoonan almost $18 an hour,first city in the countryassign a minimum wage toapplications, is this salaryaccording to the red that they do?Martinez, leader of thedelivery. good night.>> thank you, good night, anice to be with you, happyto be with you, afterof being the wait this is donepamela: you say you’re happy,that this finally happenedresult, how difficult was it,>> well, the fight is onalmost three years ago, this fightit was immense, it was veryexhausting, finally it showsthat result, so you can havea salary commensurate with effortat the end of the day we are the oneswe have been in front ofpandemic, at the forefront of everything, ofsnow and rain evenrecently there was a hugesmoke pollution fromfires in canada, we are thefirst we are in frontto distribute food, medicineto New Yorkers.pamela: what was the format andwhy unify a change foryou?>> well, beforeWe came from tipsmany times they weregenerous with us,they understood what we were going throughtimes, today one lives reflectedthat effort of that time,we thank our eavesthat I was supporting us with himsalary, to senator chuckschumer.pamela: risks they facewith people who have andweather issues,smoke and also with an attack,you have been a victim of manyattacks of those who wantconstantly.>> we live that day by day,this with accidents,unfortunately we have tosee our own label, neverhe had cared to knowhow are we, how are weinjured, several colleaguesthey have died to make ourI work so hard, so hard,the traffic is complicated or badclimate too, our fight hasworth it, this effortIt’s been worth it, every minutethat we have fought, and we will continuestriving for more improvementslabor.that I feared that consumersthey will have to pay a little morethrough the applicationthose delivery and deliveries?>> no, of course not, it’s aretaliation that they do,this is up to the companiespay us and we for iteffort, they value theeffort we make instreet, the cold that we spend,even when we have deliverythe food, all wet andExtra money,.hat: additionally thetips, how much i little more thanIs that about payments?>> of course i know, there are many,all have to pay by the hourapart from what we knownot a salary, make a paymentso it is essential forthey put us per minute, they are $0.50

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