‘Zwarte Piet must die. Seriously ‘- The Daily Standard

This morning we reported that in an interview with the Algemeen Dagblad, Akwasi was crying great crocodile tears because a teacher once called him “aquarium”. That must have happened by accident, but for Akwasi it was proof that the school was not a “safe” place for him.

The utmost nonsense, of course. Completely ridiculous.

What is worrying are tweets that Akwasi previously posted online. Bart Nijman of GeenStijl found them and put them online. The tweets are nothing short of shocking and prove that Akwasi is a particularly violent sick guest.

“Is anyone ever going to pop a Zwarte Piet again or should I do it?” asks Akwasi on November 12, 2011:

In a tweet dated August 31, 2012, Akwasi writes: “Every day when I wake up I cross myself and say: FIRE BURN ZWARTE PIET.”

Moments later that tweet was followed by the following text: “Zwarte Piet must die, man. Serious.”

On October 31, 2012, he went on to write, “What am I provoking if I kill a black Pete?”

After being exposed, Akwasi quickly deleted these tweets, but yes, that was too late. The screenshots had already been taken and put online.

Too bad, boy. Next time you really have to be a bit faster.

Worst of all is that same Akwasi then in the AD complains: “I was shocked by the hatred and insults that came over me.”

Oh, really dude? Because you’re so against violence and stuff?

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