ZOH 2022 | ZOH ONLINE: Great! A historic moment for Czech hockey. Polášek in quarantine

For the first time in history, with the participation of Czech players, the Olympic hockey tournament began in Beijing on Thursday. And it was the national team that was the first in action in the opening duel of Group B against China, which they defeated 3: 1 and thus took the first significant step towards the quarterfinals.

In addition to the Chinese, Pacin’s selection at the tournament will also affect the Swedes, Danes and Japanese. Every point will be very important in the tournament system. Only the top three of this five will advance to the playoffs, in which they will complete the complete five teams from the elite group A (USA, Canada, Finland, Russia, Switzerland).

The couple Zuzana and Tomáš Paul entered the Olympic tournament of mixed pairs in curling on Wednesday with a victory over the defenders of bronze medals from Norway. On Thursday, however, they lost to Sweden 4: 7. They will face Australia today.

An unpleasant news hit the Czech team on Thursday. After arriving in Beijing, ski jumper Viktor Polášek had two positive tests for coronavirus and had to go to a quarantine hotel.

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