Zing: Dying Light 2 Gets Overhauled Combat System and Enhanced Story Expansion

At the Future Games Show event showed also the developers from the Polish studio Techland, who served us the open world event Dying Light 2 in February last year. The game receives various updates, smaller DLCs and time-limited events at regular intervals. The developers even announced before the release that they wanted the game support for at least five years.

The next major update is scheduled for release on April 20. This update will bring significant changes in the area of ​​the combat system, which should be more brutal and more rewarding for players. Furthermore, the transmog system will be implemented, thanks to which existing statistics will be preserved when changing the appearance of equipment. You will no longer have to choose between attributes and style.

Later this year, the word should also apply story expansion, from which the authors showed several images in the video attached above. In the future, a deeper implementation of the community modifications that are already being created is also planned.

You can learn more about Dying Light 2 through our review. The game is available on PC (Steam) and PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

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