AHA.cz presents: Jitka Schneiderová’s 50th Birthday Bash – A Festive Affair with Laughter Galore!

Jitka Schneiderová she just celebrated her incredible fiftieth birthday and her colleagues in the studios had a sensational cake prepared for her. However, the celebrations of Jitka’s round birthday have only just begun. The real big party, to which she invited her friends, took place in a hotel in the center of Prague. There was no shortage of exuberant entertainment that evening.

Jitka Schneiderová: My daughter is my best partner for life

Jitka put on a mini dress with sequins and shod her long legs in strappy stilettos. Thanks to the balmy evening, she didn’t have to wrap up in a coat for the outdoor cigarette, and during fits of laughter she probably revealed more than she would have liked. The gentlemen present, led by actor Jiří Macháček (56), definitely had something to look forward to. It is with Macháček that Jitka Schneiderová has had a great friendship for a quarter of a century since the filming of the legendary The Lonely Ones.

Jitka Schneiderová with her beautiful daughter: Would she allow her to model?

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