Zhang Zhiheng’s debts were revealed to be derailed Wenwen draws a clear line: I have no money to pay back!

Zhang Zhiheng’s debts were revealed to be derailed Wenwen draws a clear line: I have no money to pay back!

Artist Zhang Zhiheng and his wife Ou Yanwen (Wenwen) have had many marriage changes. Recently, Wenwen revealed that she has moved house, and also hinted that she has unilaterally arranged a divorce and will be a single mother. Lazy and unwilling to take care of 3 sons. He made another effort on Tuesday (7th) and posted a long post on social media, saying that he was bombarded with many messages, which involved chasing numbers, cheating, etc. However, he pointed out that he has no money, and even if her husband cheated, it would not affect her With so much life and emotions, she seems to want to draw a line with Zhang Zhiheng!

He said in a long article: “I will only talk about it once, and I will not reply to everything privately, so there is no need to bombard me without paragraphs.” Afterwards, she narrated the incident in several points, first mentioning her husband’s debt problem: “1. If you call I just want to tell you that my husband once asked you to borrow money but didn’t pay it back, so I’m sorry, I don’t have any money.” It seems that many of Zhang Zhiheng’s creditors are chasing Wenwen for the debt.

He finally concluded: “If any of you want to expose everything publicly, you can do it anyway, and it will not affect me. But if you are open, he has no job, and he will not have money for you. I hope to put all the facts in my heart, in fact, it is not necessary, I choose the road of getting home and I have to bear it myself.” She said that even if there are many reasons for divorce: “If your purpose is to want We are divorced, I think I can tell you that I already have my way, if I really want to divorce, I think I can have many reasons, but it must not be because of one story after another .”


Wenwen wants to draw a clear line with Zhang Zhiheng.


Wenwen accused Zhang Zhiheng of not wanting to take care of his son.


Wenwen sent a long post!

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