Seoul National University in a frenzy over archery gold medal Gi Bo-bae, who resembles singer Chae-yeon… what happened

Archery gold medalist Ki Bo-bae became a hot topic for looking like Chae-yeon. [사진출처 = 채연 인스타그램]

As rumors circulated that Ki Bo-bae (35), a gold medalist in the team event and a bronze medalist in the individual event at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, would be serving as a liberal arts instructor at Seoul National University, the competition rate for enrollment exceeded 10:1.

It is known that Seoul National University is in a position that the instructor has not yet been confirmed. However, among students, there is already an atmosphere that Ki Bo-bae is in charge of archery liberal arts.

The reason Ki Bo-bae has emerged as a hot topic is because of the syllabus for the ‘Archery’ subject that was uploaded to the Seoul National University course registration system on the 26th of last month.

If you look at the 1-credit ‘Archery’ liberal arts syllabus posted on the university community, classes are assigned to Fridays at 9:00 and 11:00.

Seoul National University Archery Liberal Arts course detailed information attached file says ‘Lecture Plan_Archery_Gibobae.hwp’. [사진출처 = 서울대]
The professor section is empty, but more than 300 students have applied for a lecture with a capacity of 30. [사진출처 = 서울대]

In the course details, the professor name is blank. However, in the attached lecture file, ‘Syllabus_Archery_Gibobae.hwp’ is written. Seeing this, the students thought that Ki Bo-bae was giving a liberal arts lecture on ‘archery’.

Rumors spread and as students flocked to listen to this lecture, a ‘Gwangkeul’ war broke out.

The capacity for this lecture is 30 to 31 students, but more than 300 students have registered for the course. As of the 7th, there were 310 lecturers at 9 am and 328 lecturers at 11 am. Ki Bo-bae’s popularity can also be seen on the ‘Everytime’ bulletin board of the Seoul National University community.

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On the bulletin board, you can easily check related posts such as ‘Ki Bo-bae succeeded in registering for the archery course’ and ‘Ki Bo-bae is very popular’.

However, the university is in the position that the lecturer for the subject has not yet been confirmed. It is expected to be confirmed by the end of this month.

Meanwhile, Ki Bo-bae won a gold medal in the women’s team archery event at the 2016 Rio Olympics. She also drew attention for her resemblance to singer Chaeyeon.

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