Zen Bruno changed fate! Top 5 ‘Man U’ moments of 2020

2020 will be a year with good and bad for Manchester United as manager Ole Gunnar Solcha is in the process of rebuilding the ‘Red Devils’. Ma’s final match of the season, as well as heartbroken elimination of the semi-finals of the small European Cup, which fans “Red Army” are still waiting for the team to return to success. Still, let’s take a look at some of the best Manchester United events this year.

5. Defeat “Fox” the last day of the season

Zen Bruno changed fate!  Top 5 'Man U' moments of 2020

Manchester United made it difficult to make it difficult when they missed out on a home win at the end of the season, forcing them to decide against Leicester City in the final match, where the condition was that Manchester United would not be able to break or lose. They will immediately grab the Chpl tickets.

Solcha faces a difficult task when Leicester try to launch a game of attack to die for his head, while “Red Devils” defend against a counteroffer This creates a very uncomfortable feeling for fans of “Red Army”. However, the defensive line “Fox” made a mistake and lost a penalty and it was Bruno Fernan who killed the goal.

The event was even more extreme when the offensive line, Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard, showed poor form and didn’t score goals all season. Let’s unlock the door in injury time helping to reiterate the victory for “Red Devils”

In addition to Manchester United finishing third and winning tickets for Chpl., Solcha has led the team unbeaten in 14 league games in a row since losing to Burnley in January.

4.Yum Yai, the ever-rival in “War of the Roses”

Zen Bruno changed fate!  Top 5 'Man U' moments of 2020

Leeds United are back in the Premier League at Old Trafford for the first time in 16 years, when a visit to their all-time opponent is not beautiful when Sol Cha’s team collapses. Marcelo Bielsa is overwhelming 6-2

Although “Red Devils” will do very poor job at home this season, but the battle “War of the Roses” is a game of dignity. Instead, they show the best form. The big hit thanks to Scott McTominay’s two goals that took place in the first three minutes, after which Manchester United fired up to half a dozen bullets of which Bruno Fernand was. The person who scored two goals in this game

While the “Yungthong” side itself, despite being shot a lot They still go forward to open the game fully. Making this game considered a match that even though the score is overwhelming, but it is fun as well

3. ”McTominay” beat the goal, reiterate the Manchester derby.

Zen Bruno changed fate!  Top 5 'Man U' moments of 2020

The final league game of the “Red Devils” in March, before the Premier League was suspended for more than two months, Manchester United had to fight against rivals Manchester City, who tried to score points in pursuit of the crowd. Liverpool stay away

Man United had a good start as Bruno Fernand, who has been in hot form since his move in January, opened a precise free-kick for Anthony Martial to score at half-time. The first hour after the whole game, Manchester City tried hard to get the goal to equalize until the 6th minute injury time, Dan Eder Son, Dan “Sailboat” threw the ball until he got into the Scott Tag. Tominey swung one boom from afar into the door.

When the ball was thrown into the bottom of the net, the Old Trafford supporters went crazy with excruciating joy. This win gave “Red Devils” a go-and-go win over fellow townspeople for the first time since the 2009-10 season, and this was the last fan match at Old Trafford. Until now, football fans are not allowed to watch the game.

2. “Rashford” receives the royal machine on the MBE floor

Zen Bruno changed fate!  Top 5 'Man U' moments of 2020

Manchester United’s No. 10 player proves to be a hero on and off the pitch. In 2020, Marcus Rashford helped raise funds to donate food to the boys. In various areas during the COVID-19 epidemic

He also urged the government to change his mind over the cancellation of free food coupons, which became popular in the UK until the government finally made a change. This action received so much acclaim that the “Red Devils” striker was awarded the Grand Order of the British Empire in October.

Rashford has vowed to be the mouthpiece and supporter of these 1.3 million children, whose work will continue in 2021.

1. Signed a contract for the superstar “Bruno Fernand”

Zen Bruno changed fate!  Top 5 'Man U' moments of 2020

This year’s best moment is nothing but the signing of the new “Red Devils” followers, Bruno Fernand.

After being a great deal for a long time in the summer market in 2019 until Manchester United missed out on Bruno, unfortunately, causing a huge impact on the team’s performance in the half of the 2019-20 season. Rehearse the plan to strengthen the army again in the winter 2020, despite the same long negotiations as before, but before the closure of the market, Manchester United succeeded in a surge from Sporting Lisbon with an initial fee of approximately 47 million Pound is ready to debut with the team on January 30

Since then, Bruno has quickly become an integral part of the Red Devils, changing the fortunes of the team in the second half of the season, which would not be wrong to say that he also helped save the Solcha coach. Discussion contributed to the team without losing 14 consecutive games in the league. And so far he has contributed to 43 goals in 45 appearances in all competitions (26 goals, 17 assists). This could be the best Manchester United signing since Sir Aussie. Lex Ferguson laid hands.


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