Against New Variants of Corona Virus Vaccines Remain Effective, While Fortifying Yourself With Prokes Merdeka People – “Alhamdulillah, until now these mutations have no impact on the effectiveness of the vaccine,” he explained Vaccineolog and Internal Medicine Specialists Dirga Sakti Rambe.

According to Dirga, the mutation of the Corona virus in the UK is a natural feature of the virus. So that the Corona virus does not mutate continuously, he suggested that it must be minimized or stopped from spreading.

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“However, we don’t know in one year what the impact of this mutation will be,” he said.

Dirga asked all people to consistently implement health protocols (prokes) by implementing 3M. Namely, wearing a mask, washing hands and keeping a distance. “So that the spread of Covid-19 can be prevented,” he said.

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In addition, Dirga also invited the public not to be afraid of being injected with the Covid-19 vaccine. The reason is, this vaccine is classified as a dead vaccine. That is, a vaccine that is given to the body without any risk or zero risk.

“It is impossible for anyone after being vaccinated against Covid-19 to become sick with Covid-19. That is the advantage of a dead vaccine, “he said.

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Dirga added, so far the ADE phenomenon (Antibody Dependant Enhancement) on the Covid-19 vaccine is not proven. He said, the safety profile of the clinical trial process for all vaccine brands was carried out very well.

“Until now, for all brands of Covid-19 vaccines, there is no risk,” said Dirga.




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