Zeman’s ceremony on October 28 will probably not be, Babiš said

“It’s up to him (the president), but I’m convinced that the ceremony won’t happen, that he’ll change his mind and that the celebration will be in better times,” the prime minister said.

Minister of Health Roman Prymula had a meeting at the Castle on Wednesday afternoon. In the evening, he stated on Twitter that he informed the president about the possibilities of holding celebrations and gave him his recommendation. The castle will announce the decision tomorrow.

“The current situation is such that the ceremony certainly cannot take place in the original regime. I will talk to the President about this. At the moment, the situation is not epidemiologically favorable, “Prymula told Czech Television on Wednesday after the cabinet meeting before the meeting at the Castle. If the ceremony were to take place legally, it would have to be exempted by the Ministry of Health.

Earlier on Thursday, at 11:00, the castle convened a press conference by Chancellor Vratislav Mynář, which is to relate to the “ceremony on the occasion of the awarding or awarding of state decorations on October 28”.

President Miloš Zeman has repeatedly stated that he will strive to maintain the award ceremony. If the traditional ceremony did not take place, according to him, it would be an insult to the national holiday of the establishment of the republic and the decorated, he said in an interview for Blesk some time ago.

Prymula is to be one of the honorees. He had previously said that if the ceremony had taken place under strict hygienic conditions, he would have come to the Castle.

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