Zelensky banned officials and ministers from traveling abroad

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the National Security and Defense Council has taken a principled decision to ban the travel of officials abroad. It applies to all employees of the Central Government and the various other levels of local government.

“This applies to law enforcement officials, people’s representatives, prosecutors and everyone who has to work for the state and in the state. If they want to rest now, they will rest outside the state service. Employees will no longer be allowed to travel abroad for vacation or with another non-governmental purpose“, the president said in an evening address.

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According to the decision, during mobilization and martial law, civil servants can travel outside Ukraine only on a business trip. It is noted that the Cabinet of Ministers must change the regulations for crossing the state border within five days.

Zelensky did not name names, but Ukrainian media reported that Deputy Prosecutor General Oleksiy Simonenko went on vacation to Spain – in the car of a Ukrainian businessman – on New Year’s Eve. The UNIAN news agency reported that he had already been asked to write a letter of resignation.

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