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Zdráhal returned to the hockey team for the Swedish Games

After a two-day break after the Ostrava triumph, the hockey players met in Prague directly to fly to the general championships in Tampere and Helsinki. Jalonen has already been joined by other reinforcements from the NHL – goalkeeper Karel Vejmelka from Arizona and back Filip Hronek with gunner Jakub Vrána from Detroit. forward Filip Chlapík from Sparta.

After the release of Dmitri Jašin from Arizona, forward Ondřej Beránek from Karlovy Vary remained in the squad, contrary to the original assumptions, and Zdráhal also joined. The center will also be affected by the center David Krejčí from Olomouc, who took part in training with the team last week.

The Czech team will train in the Avicia Arena after arriving in Sweden at 17:20 for the first time. On Thursday from 19:00 he will play against the home team Sweden. He will play with Finland on Saturday at noon and Switzerland at the same time on Sunday, replacing Russia expelled due to the war aggression in Ukraine at the final Euro Hockey Tour.

Next week, the team will meet on Tuesday in Prague and the next day they will fly to the championship in Tampere.

Czech nomination for the Swedish Games in Stockholm (May 5-8)
Štěpán Lukeš (Karlovy Vary; 10 matches)
Marek Langhamer (Ilves Tampere / Fin.; 5)
Karel Vejmelka (Arizona / NHL; 0)
Tomáš Kundrátek (Třinec; 77 matches / 9 goals)
David Musil (Trinec; 47/0)
David Jiricek (Plzen; 11/2)
Michal Moravcik (Sparta; 48/1)
Michal Jordan (Khabarovsk / KHL; 89/5)
Jakub Krejcik (Dinamo Minsk / KHL; 112/5)
David Sklenička (Flies Oulu / Fin .; 66/4)
Jan Ščotka (Jyväskylä / Fin .; 20/1)
Filip Hronek (Detroit / NHL; 32/7)
Radim Simek (San Jose / NHL; 31/5)
Ondrej Beranek (Karlovy Vary; 24/2)
Jiří Černoch (Karlovy Vary; 12/5)
Jakub Flek (Karlovy Vary; 36/8)
Matěj Blümel (Pardubice; 30/9)
Petr Holik (Brno; 42/14)
Filip Chlapik (Sparta; 0/1)
Petr Kodytek (Pilsen; 20/2)
David Krejci (Olomouc; 39/8)
Patrik Zdrahal (Litvinov; 22/4)
Roman Červenka (Rapperswil-Jona / Switzerland; 163/42)
Jiří Smejkal (Pelicans Lahti / Fin .; 40/4)
Matěj Stránský (Davos / Švýc .; 39/6)
Michael Špaček (Frölunda / Sweden; 27/3)
Hynek Zohorna (Oskarshamn, Sweden; 50/7)
Tomas Hertl (San Jose / NHL; 37/5)
Dominik Simon (Anaheim/NHL; 36/9)
Jakub Vrana (Detroit / NHL; 16/6)

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