Zaz: The Journey to Becoming the New Edith Piaf and Plans for a New Album

When you released your debut album called simply Zaz in 2010, you filled the media space at home in France, you were written and talked about everywhere. What preceded it?

I started with music quite early. Already at the age of five, I attended a music school in Tours, where I was born. I studied music theory, violin, piano, guitar and singing.

Then I continued at the conservatory in Bordeaux and at the same time started performing with a small orchestra at dance parties. Subsequently, I replaced several groups, I sang in clubs, cabarets, I played on the street and we went to perform around the world.

When we got back from our tour in Russia, I got my hands on an ad that changed all that. Songwriter and producer Kérredine wrote that he was looking for someone with a raspy voice. I signed up, we found common ground and Zaz’s debut album was created.

In 2001, you started on the scene as a blues singer. Was it a style you chose for a longer period of time?

I knew that one day I would be a singer since I was four years old. I also knew that I would be famous, that I would succeed in becoming famous. I was looking forward to the fact that it would allow me to meet a lot of people and also change a lot of things. At first, I dealt with music in its wide range, but then I got to a Cuban music workshop and was totally enthralled by it.

What things did you want to change?

There was a lot at first, the whole list. But of course I soon found out that if I want to change something, I have to start with myself. So I started working on being better. Well, six years ago I founded a small festival that young people go to. On it, they learn what activities and steps have an effect on the course of the world, and refine their critical thinking. There are many ways to change the things we don’t like.

I myself realize that it is important to know about them. I sing on stage and I can proclaim my thoughts from it. When listeners subscribe to them, that’s great.

In recent years there has been a lot of discussion about, for example, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter and other movements. In my opinion, we are living in a time when there can be changes in many areas. And change creates fear in some people. In any case, today’s times call for us to make up our own minds and have a firm attitude, so that we no longer wait for someone’s opinions to come to us from outside. Everyone has to find their balance, respect themselves, choose themselves.

I don’t think politics makes sense. The point is to get involved, for example in the field of education. It is good to start new education centers and schools when the old ones are not working well. And it makes sense to encourage people to seek information and clarify their opinion.

Definitely yes. Maybe it’s because of the energy I have in concerts or in songs, maybe because of my slightly cracked voice, maybe because of the French in the lyrics. Someone also told me that we have a similar movement. But I move in several genres. It’s just a resemblance, not that I’m some sort of Edith Piaf reincarnation.

When you sing in your raspy voice, is it natural or are you pushing the saw a bit?

It’s completely natural, trust me. Sometimes I literally scream on stage, which is also natural. I have a lot of energy in me.

Last year, you performed at the festival in Litomyšl with the young Czech music group Police Symphony Orchestra. What brought you together?

It was unplanned, we actually ran into each other with the musicians. But it was great, I really like such spontaneous events. In addition, if I feel that it will make sense, or it will be beneficial, I go for it. We had a rehearsal the day before the performance and the next day we were already on stage.

You have expressed yourself several times in the sense that you like the Czech Republic and would like to return to it. Have you become familiar with any of our music?

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time for that yet. I hope I can do it in the future.

Are you preparing a new album?

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