Marek Hamšík returns to the Slovak national team for training camp ahead of qualifying battles

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Marek Hamšík returns to the Slovak national team as a player. The long-time team captain accepted an invitation to the training camp, which will take place from June 4 to 9 in Šamorín, although he played his farewell match against Chile in November. Coach Francesco Calzona published a wider nomination yesterday, which he will then narrow down and add more players to. He will go with them to the qualifying battle in Iceland and Liechtenstein.

With a high probability also with Hamšík. Because of injuries, he cannot count on Ondrej Duda and László Bénes. In addition to our record holder in the number of goals and starts in the most valuable jersey, other interesting names appeared in the selection. Among the goalkeepers, Richard Ludha from Podbrezová was the first. Among the stoppers, Sebastian Kóša also received trust. In addition to him, also other “twenties” from the World Cup in Argentina Artur Gajdoš, Mário Sauer and Máté Szolgai.

Don’t forget the Žilina stopper Tomáš Nemčík and the retired midfielder Samuel Lavrinčík from Trenčín. The nomination of young players is a delicate matter. Especially those who have completed the world championship. It should be added that with a bitter end. In their case, fatigue will play a big role. From matches, a long season and travel. If another coach had called them, we would have called it a mistake.

However, retailer Francesco Calzona reckons with the fatigue factor. He is primarily concerned with the tactical side, so that talented young people better understand the principles of style, which he tries to instill in the team. Now already within the real squad of the national team, although not complete. Only Peter Pekarík, Lukáš Haraslín and Vernon De Marco graduated from the winter camp in December.

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Some names from the list are causing controversy as to whether their bearers really deserved an invitation to the elite of the game. In fact, it is only a peripheral topic, because none of them is expected to become the driving force of Slovakia in the near future like Hamšík. However, camping with him represents a huge honor and motivation for the future.

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