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Zadić disempowers controversial chief of justice Pilnacek

To her step, the section split, explained Zadic on Tuesday that her “structural reform” is about trust in the judiciary – there should not even be the appearance of influence. But she also said: “Nobody deserves a general suspicion.”

After the division should be in the section Number one, legislation, reforms are pushed ahead. The second, Individual criminal matters, is supposed to ensure the independence of law enforcement as a specialist supervision. Zadic calls it an “internal separation of powers” – “clear conditions would be created”.

When asked how to proceed with Pilnacek said Zadic, she had always worked well with him – he could of course stand up for them Line item apply. Whether he did that was still unclear on Tuesday.

“Most Powerful Man in the Justice Department”

The division is actually a dismantling of the previous structure: in 2010, the former minister Claudia Bandion-Ortner the Areas Legistics and Individual criminal matters merged. Pilnacek was used as the boss and was long considered the “most powerful man in the world Department“- which was not meant to be flattering.

With his disempowerment takes Zadic also politically out of the line of fire – delicate Criminal proceedings like the Ibiza, Casinos and Eurofighter Causa are in full swing, Pilnacek will soon no longer be responsible for it – can neither be “politically bullied” nor exert influence. Whichever way you take it.

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