Yustin Arboleda: ‘I managed to read what Prono wrote and disgusted me a little’ – Ten

The Colombian striker of Olympia Yustin Arboleda He talked about his expulsion in the classic against Motagua and responded to the words of Carlos Prono.

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“There are always malicious people asking questions with double intentions and the teacher (Pedro Troglio) answered them with category. It was a normal soccer game. The court was quite heavy and I am going to look for a ball. The referee does not interpret it like that and I he gets the second yellow, but I’m calm, “he started counting on the show Soccer and More.

The coffee attacker says that Olimpia players know that they have erred at key moments, but that they can recover.

“We are working calmly, working and knowing that we have made mistakes that have cost us points. But you are aware that there is still a lot of tournament ahead and we must work to correct those mistakes and get the points we need,” he added.

Respond to the words of Carlos Prono

Former soccer player and now sports commentator Carlos Prono criticized Arboleda for his expulsion on Sunday. “He lets himself be stupidly expelled, this is Olympia, not Marathon,” the Argentine wrote on Twitter.

The albo forward answers him. “I managed to read it and it upset me a little, but it is normal, social networks pitifully lend themselves to these things. Everyone thinks and looks at things as they see fit. I focus on mine, I am not aware of what others do. I don’t have to speak badly about anyone to look good with others, what I did was already there and now I have to get up, shake and move on. “

On the start of Olympia in this Clausura 2020

Olimpia at this start of the tournament beat Real de Minas and Platense, lost with Real España and Motagua and matched with UPNFM.

“It may not have been the beginning we all expected, but if you start to see the scandal that has been made and we are three points from the first place. The table is tight, you win three games and you get up. It’s normal, they are moments, it is an atypical championship where the teams do not make good preseason more those that arrive at final instances.

“It will cost (see a good level), but in the course of the games the group will find themselves, feeling better and the results will come.”

About the pressure he feels in Olympia

The Colombian attacker was asked if he feels pressure in Olympia and it was clear.

“The soccer players every game we play and in the institution we are in, we should feel pressure. If we don’t do it, it’s because we don’t feel this sport. The pressure is normal, but I’m calm. I know what I’m capable of, what I can give and I know that with work it will come. “

He has played 211 minutes with the white shirt in what goes of the contest and adds a goal.

“People may expect that for the good campaigns I had with Marathón that one in each match will score three or four goals, but it is not so. If one does, welcome, but the teams prepare, they get to know each other and things they are changing. Pressure we all have, we are in a large team where they ask for titles, just like when I was in Marathon, “he closed.



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