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Ystads IF defeated Skövde in Skövde after great drama

220519 Ystads IF Kim Andersson during final one in the Handball League between Skövde and Ystad IF on 19 May 2022 in Arena Skövde. Photo: Viktor Ljungström / BILDBYRÅN

After the first and long-awaited Swedish Championship final between IFK Skövde and Ystads IF, it was the visiting YIF who managed to pinch the victory with 30-28 (16-13) and gain an advantage, but it was far, far away.

There was a sauna atmosphere both around and inside Arena Skövde before this year’s first Swedish Championship final on the men’s side. The match itself also followed the same in temperature, where it became even hotter in the dramatic final stage if possible.

At the beginning of the match, Ystads IF had started best with more finesse in their wide attacks, where Skövde went more straight towards goal. For the guests in white, it was the constantly young captain Kim Andersson who, in contrast to the framing, was cool in both passing and finishing, where many goals came from his left or own input to the midfielders, which he could find if they had hidden. under the cash register in the kiosk.

Ystad pulled away to lead 6-3 and after that it was hard work for the home team who fittingly wore blue spots. Above all, it was Kim Andersson’s ditto Jack Thurin who pulled the big load with hard shots and smart solutions.

Skövde caught up but lost again just before the half-time break when Niklas Krafth started saving balls for Ystad in a first half that otherwise shone with his absence of saves. 16-13, the half-time result was in favor of YIF.

The second half began with more and more saves, both from Krafth and incoming Dane Victor Bang in Skövde. It was still the guests who held the baton and Julius Lindskog Andersson’s drumsticks to the legs and sharp YIF winger created chaos in the defense for the home team.

Ystad still kept the distance down to the home team and looked to be heading for a victory in the first Swedish Championship final for the guests. But like the monster in a bad horror movie, Skövde refused to die. Cheered on by a slightly infernal home arena, they worked their way back to 24-24 with ten minutes left to play, partly thanks to several Ystad expulsions and a whole bucket of will.

With three minutes left, it was 26-26. Then it was Ystad’s turn to attack and Jakob Nygren’s turn to score. In the attack afterwards, Skövde threw the ball away and Hampus Karlsson was able to counter and shoot down the blue monster once more to the position 28-26. It did not rise from there. The party finally ended 30-28 to Ystad after one to seven and finally a fair victory – but where Skövde showed that they will not give up in the first place, or fifth.

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