Youp van ‘t Hek has doubts about New Year’s Eve conference | Entertainment

entertainment“>“I was really sad for the past two weeks,” says Van ‘t Hek. “I really thought: let’s stop, with thirty people it won’t work. I am very afraid that everyone will say to each other on January 1: if it was me, I would not have done it. ”

entertainment“>The ‘people of television’ think that the performance should continue. But Youp still has doubts. “I hope that we can convince a few people that a little more people are allowed in Carré than is the case now,” he admits. “You need a little more than thirty men for a good television broadcast. In theaters people pay so much attention, the rules are observed so well. I don’t need a full Carré. But with two hundred and fifty people there is a laugh, which is doable for both parties – the comedian and the people in the hall. ”


entertainment“>Van ‘t Hek is even considering playing his show in a church. “Then I start my own faith and you can receive hundreds of people and you do not need a mouth mask.” Van ‘t Hek no longer has any doubts about the show itself. “It’s a New Year’s Eve: it’s about corona, about the year, about everything it plays.” The comedian peppered his jokes with his own experiences with the disease; in March he himself was in hospital because of a corona infection.

entertainment“>Youp first wants to see the TV recording again and only then decides whether it is good enough for broadcast. “If it’s not good enough, we won’t. Then they just need an old episode of it Swiebertje of Pipo the clown to repeat.”

entertainment“>This year it is the tenth time that Van ‘t Hek provides the end-of-year show on the NPO. But due to the corona measures, many theaters are closed or are only allowed to receive a handful of visitors. As a result, Van ‘t Hek has been able to play fewer try-outs and is currently in front of halls with hardly any audience.

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