Young singer Emilija offers a painful hit “Bites”

The local young singer and songwriter Emilija has released her second single “Bites”, which is a harbinger of the upcoming debut EP “August” on August 25.

It is a song about breaking out and finding your “right place”, about listening in your heart. I wanted to compare how bees look for meadows and flowers, so I look for my right place and people.

In terms of feelings, I also tried to put in a little confusion and fear of trying and climbing over the anxiety of the unknown, ”says Emilija.

Emily’s music is characterized by sophisticated, nifty indie pops with a memorable melody and beautifully painful lyricism.

The song “Bites” was created by Emilija in collaboration with Agnese Rozniece, the producer of the song is Pēteris Lunde, but the post-production was performed by Reinis Kārkliņš. The visual image was created by Elizabeth Jane Rubene.

In home pop music, Emilija made her debut at the end of May, when she gave her first single “August”.



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