You have to copy the ‘lengthening legs’ trick of Anita Matamoros

It is clear that all that glitters is not gold on Instagram. And we are not referring to the jewelry worn by the famous because in the case of The Weeknd it is clear that the ring that has been made for the Super Bowl shines more than the gold teeth worn by Rosalía. We refer to the fact that influencers always seem to be extremely thin on Instagram and with scandalous silhouettes. But this image they offer us of themselves may not be the true one.

Anita Matamoros, daughter of Kiko Matamoros and Makoke, has been the last influencer to reveal that she does not have the infinite legs that she always seems to boast of in her Instagram post. During a round of questions and answers that he has made with his followers, one of them has asked him directly if he lengthens his legs in the photographs.

“Hahahahahahaha You could say yes. Let’s see, I don’t lengthen them, but if I put perspective in the photo ALWAYS, and that stylizes the figure. I love how it looks and I will continue to do so “, he has written next to an image in which he appears on the edge of the sea in what clearly seems to be a completely paradisiacal vacation.

A very sincere answer that shows, once again, that you should not believe everything you see on Instagram. It is true that we all want to show off our best clothes and show off fabulous lifestyles, but It is not bad to know that what we see in the images does not always correspond to the strictest reality.

Of course, now that you know this little trick, why wait to put it into practice? All you have to do is play with the perspective of the image and tachán! You can show off supermodel legs.



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