Yomil describes as disrespectful the opinion of the Government of Cuba on the death of El Dany

The Cuban reggaeton Yomil Hidalgo The opinion issued by the Cuban government in relation to the death of Daniel Muñoz, better known as The Damage.

“They just gave the opinion and it is a serious disrespect for Daniel and his familyYomil wrote on his social networks.

On July 19, one day after El Dany’s sudden death at the Calixto García hospital in Havana, Yomil assured that what had happened with his musical partner it had been medical negligence, despite the fact that the official newspaper Granma had pointed out the cause of death as an acute cardiovascular condition, without offering any details about it.

Soon after, the Provincial Directorate of Public Health of Havana reported that he had appointed a commission, made up of high-level specialists, to investigate the causes of El Dany’s death.

“Until now we were calm, waiting for them to be intelligent and to do justice, but apparently it was not done. Life is respected and more so that of my little brother who had so many qualities of a great human being and with a whole life to do. ahead, “continued Yomil, who stressed that” at the time I will explain to all our public in luxury and detail his negligence“.

“So I want to let all of our followers know that from today my fight begins and until justice is done we will not stop. This is #daniloporsiempre, heard? And I’m going to defend my little brother like never before, nobody here is going to stand idly by, ok? “Emphasized the singer.

Yomil received the support of lots of fans in his publication and also from colleagues of the genre such as El Micha, Baby Lores, El Úniko, Yulién Oviedo, Alex Duvall, among others, who assured him that they were on his side and would not stop until they Do justice to El Dany.

In the direct that he made a day after Dany’s death, Yomil said that his partner had been in the capital hospital for a week, which he had arrived with pain in his legs.

“They did a lot of tests and they didn’t know what it was. They decided to leave him and put him on a ten-day treatment with serum in his vein. They thought that what he had was a problem with his nerves [de las piernas] and that they needed to inject him with some vitamins, “Yomil said at the time.

In addition, the reggaeton player said that the last time he had seen him, El Dany asked the nurse to change his treatment because he had a lot of pain in his arms from so many punctures.

His wife Iraisel and mother of little Daniela has only shared one message since the death of his partner, in which he confessed that “my life went with him” and that he needed time to assimilate and heal. Despite not referring to the causes of his death, he stressed that “in due course I will give all the explanations that you deserve.”

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