Yamaha NMAX is officially injected to death, the attention-grabbing NMAX Predator model appears


The old Yamaha NMAX was officially phased out and replaced by Yamaha NMAX Connected, the NMAX Predator appeared at Yamaha dealerships.

THE ENGINE Plus-online.com – The engine Automatic Yamaha NMAX extension officially appeared euthanasia, that is, the cessation of production NMAX extension The predator causes a stir.

Shocking news for Yamaha NMAX extension finally officially suppressed.

The engine matic bongsor will no longer be produced.

Before the end of the year, the engine Automatic Yamaha NMAX extension it will also no longer be available from retailers.

In addition to Yamaha NMAX extensionthere are three the engine another matic that was suppressed by PT Yamaha Indonesia The engine Production (YIMM).

But don’t get me wrong, Yamaha NMAX extension which are lethal injection, i.e. no longer produced specifically for those released in the old year.

Cited by Kompas.com, there are four the engine matic that was injected to death, namely Yamaha NMAX extension older models, All New Soul GT, Yamaha Mio S and Yamaha Mio Z.

In its place, Yamaha appeared NMAX extension Connected which was officially launched last November 2020.

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Yamaha NMAX extension Connected is the successor to the old model and is still in demand today.

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