XII Classic Theater Workshop Festival of Sala Russafa in Valencia starts with “Dreaming Lorca”

VALENCIA (EP). The XII Classic Theater Workshop Festival of Sala Russafa, in Valencia, starts this week with Dreaming Lorca. It is a contest that “faithful to its appointment with June” will take place on this occasion from the 9th to the 30th of this month, in order to “offer new readings and approaches to texts and authors that have become essential in history of the performing arts”, as reported by the room in a statement.

This meeting will also show the work of the students of the Académica Escènica de València, responsible for the teaching line of the training, production and exhibition center for performing arts in Russafa.

Dreaming Lorca is a dramaturgy written and directed by Iria Márquez in which three of the author’s fundamental pieces are on stage: Doña Rosita the spinster, Yerma y blood weddinge.

Thus, throughout “three key moments” of the same day -morning, afternoon and night- the essential characters and plots of these pieces are covered, which make a portrait of women and the challenges they face, has explained the room.

“It seems that we have changed a lot as a society, but we continue to find that we are judged on issues such as motherhood, sentimental or sexual relationships and the passage of time,” said the director of the show. Likewise, she has considered that Lorca’s words continue to describe many of the women who will be able to sit in the stalls.

“The characters in these works are women of character and unforgettable strength who suffer from frustrated love, difficult family ties or public opinion. They could be anyone’s friend or neighbor. But, at the same time, Doña Rosita, Yerma or La Novia are unique and have marked the history of theater, including popular culture, demonstrating why these works are true classics, universal and timeless”, added the author of this drama.

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The spectator will decide where he wants to focus while, in three stage spaces and with the actors on stage all the time, the three works of Lorca coexist. Playing with the lighting and the musical setting, the work goes through the key moments of the day and of each one of the pieces, he has detailed the room.

Márquez has assured that this is “a challenge for the interpreters because they have to work on both the action and the listening”. “They are acting when their characters intervene in the plot, but also while the rest of the three scenes that are simultaneously on stage do so,” he pointed out.

This dramaturgy could be seen at Sala Russafa six years ago and won various awards thanks to the staging carried out by the amateur scene company Pànic Escènic. She obtained, among others, those for Best Director in the V Vila de Canet Amateur Contest, XXXI National Amateur Theater Contest ‘Ciudad de Utiel’ and V Villa de Catral Amateur Theater National Contest.

For the current staging, the students of one of the theater workshops for non-professionals taught by Márquez and made up of Alejandro Morales, Amparo Pinazo, Amparo Rodríguez, Andrea Campillos, Aurora Yáñez, Berna Díaz, Berta, have adapted to the new cast. Esparza Rico, Blanca Mansergas Juan, Ibrahim Bardisi, Maribel Grande Pérez, José Luis Gómez and Mercedes Testal.

From June 9 to 11, three functions of this representation will be offered with “a minimalist assembly where organic elements such as leaves and dry branches play a leading role, together with wooden furniture and timeless clothing.”

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In addition, “melodies by Falla, Albéniz, Granados or Ravel accompany the development of an action marked by conflict and passion, as was usual in Lorca’s writing, but also with moments for poetry and tenderness in characters from intense emotions as capable of loving as of hating”, added Sala Russafa.

The rest of the festival will feature Money, a version of a comedy written by Aristophanes, one of the fathers of classical Greek theater, also known as Pluto.

Likewise, there will be QuiZÁS!, a contemporary dance show directed by Toni Aparisi that puts people at the center to invite reflection on whether humanity is the axis of actions and interpersonal relationships. The theater has created a subscription to enjoy the three shows for 20 euros.

public awards

The room has commented that on Sunday, June 11, the Russafa Room Audience Awards will be delivered, which recognize the viewers’ favorite shows.

Throughout the season and through physical ballot papers or the web page, the evaluations have been collected after each performance. The attendees have been able to rate the piece they had just seen, excluding the productions of the cultural center and those of Arden, the company that promoted its creation and manages it.

Of the rest of the shows included in the regular programming, the average grade has been obtained so that the number of performances performed or how many spectators they had did not interfere. This evaluation has been the one that has decided the prize list of some awards that celebrate their twelfth edition and that have the collaboration of various entities that sponsor each category, contributing the award given to the winners.

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À Punt Média does so with the Sala Russafa Audience Award for Best Valencian Show, while the cultural magazine Makma sponsors the award for Best National Show and the store specializing in dance equipment, Menkes, is the godmother of the Best Show award of dance. The Nuevo Centro Shopping Center collaborates with the Best Show for Boys and Girls, and the cultural magazine Verlanga with the award for Revelation Show, while the Fundació Bromera awards the Award for Best Text and the specialized magazine Mondo Sonoro for Best Direct on Stage.

In addition, among all the votes issued, one is chosen at random to award its author the Spectator Award, sponsored by the Russafa Room itself. This award consists of a subscription to be able to enjoy all the premieres of the next season’s programming for free.

On the other hand, the center grants the Escena Prize, a recognition to a person who throughout his career has favored the development of the Valencian performing arts. The winners will receive their award at a brief gala held before the last performance of Soñando Lorca.

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