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Xiaomi Unveils First Electric Car SU7: Specs, Features, and Production Plans

Xiaomi finally officially unveiled its first electric car during the Stride presentation on Thursday. The sedan with the designation SU7, where SU is supposed to be an abbreviation for Speed ​​Ultra according to Reuters, will be available in two versions – basic and Max.

The basic model is equipped with one electric motor that drives only the rear wheels. The car will offer a maximum power of 299 hp and 400 Nm of torque, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.28 seconds and its maximum speed is 210 km/h. However, the company also emphasizes the ability to stop from 100 km/h at a distance of 35.5 meters.

The SU7 Max version will offer a pair of electric motors and all-wheel drive, the highest output of 673 hp and 838 Nm of torque. It promises acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.78 seconds and a maximum speed of up to 265 km/h. It will then need 33.3 meters to stop from 100 km/h.

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The electric car should have an 800V architecture and a CATL battery with a height of only 12 mm. The basic version of the model should offer a range of up to 668 kilometers, the Max version promises a range of up to 800 kilometers. However, we are talking about the values ​​according to the Chinese CLTC standard, the values ​​according to the European WLTP standard will certainly be lower.

The more powerful version of the model will be equipped with a battery with a capacity of 101 kWh and will offer support for fast charging, but the company has not yet specified the maximum performance. However, when using the maximum power, the car should get a range of up to 220 km after just 5 minutes, and after 15 minutes the range should increase to 510 km.

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The company also revealed that the basis is its own platform called Xiaomi Modena, fitted with electric motors from its own development, Xiaomi HyperEngine. The car also uses Brembo four-piston brakes, has adaptive aerodynamics, Bosch brake control and stability control systems, adaptive roll control when cornering and a host of other features.

Emphasis was also placed on the Xiaomi Pilot driving assistance system, which the company is developing itself. The system works with data from a high-resolution camera, lidar, ultrasonic radar and other sensors. The car is also equipped with powerful computer technology with predictive functions, and a more demanding environment should not be a problem.

From the cabin, the automaker has only shown one dark view of the dashboard, but the car should get a digital instrument panel, a large head-up display or infotainment with its own HyperOS operating system, which will understand the Xiaomi ecosystem, including smartphones.

The production of the car will be ensured by the Beijing plant of the Chinese car manufacturer BYD with an annual capacity of up to 200,000 cars. In addition, during the presentation of the new car, Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, was to announce the company’s plan to become one of the top 5 global automakers within 15 to 20 years, as he adds Reuters.

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