Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 may have a built-in GPS receiver. What are the key updates to its predecessor

The Zepp app, formerly called Amazfit, reveals some interesting details about the new Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, as well as key updates to its predecessor. As usual, there are two versions – one for China (XMSH16HM, with NFC) and one for the global market (XMSH15HM, most likely without NFC).

The future Xiaomi Mi Smart Band will have a built-in GPS receiver, which will provide accurate speed and distance data for the exercises performed. It will have a SpO2 (blood oxygen) sensor, just like the current model. However, Band 6 will add 19 new exercise modes such as:

  • Indoor fitness
  • Indoor skating
  • Health
  • Basic training
  • extent
  • Stepper
  • room
  • Pilates
  • Street dance
  • In
  • Zumba
  • Cricket
  • Bowling
  • basket-ball
  • Volley-ball
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton
  • Box
  • Kickboxing

To help you focus, the Pomodoro technique has been added – a time management method that uses a stopwatch. Users will be able to view sleep data directly on the device (currently, you can only view it in the phone app). This may indicate that the display will have a higher resolution.

Mi Smart Band 6 will be able to control smart home devices that use the Mi Home platform. However, it is not clear whether this will depend on the region, but if so, Alexa can be used as a voice assistant for the global version and Mi AI for the Chinese market.

The information is not official, but if we take a moment back, we remember that Mi Smart Band 5 was launched in mid-July last year, so we are quite close to the new release.

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