DSDS 2021: Mike Singer shocks fans – juror with Instagram star?

The fans of DSDS juror Mike Singer have to be very strong now. Because the singer could be taken. What’s up with Instagram beauty Sophie Marstatt?

Cologne Mike Singer is the chick of the jurors of the meanwhile 18th DSDS season. However, the singer, who is only 20 years old, can already look back on three number one albums. That has RTL also motivated to sign the youngster for the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” jury. With his expertise, Singer should evaluate more or less talented candidates. That makes him interesting for women too, especially for Sophie Marstatt.

Pop singer: Mike Singer
Born: January 20, 2000 (age 20), Kehl
Music label: Warner Music Group
Awards: MTV Europe Music Awards – Bester deutscher Act u.v.m.

DSDS 2021 (RTL): Mike Singer fans in an uproar – juror with Instagram star Sophie Marstatt together?

The Beauty-Influencerin is on Instagram a real star. The blonde is followed by more than 200,000 people on social media, and her photos and videos are very popular. Also belongs DSDS-Juror Mike Singer to their fans and does the singer want much more than just a friendly relationship? Rumors have been going around for some time that the South German is with Sophie Marstatt should be together.

Is DSDS juror Mike Singer with Instagram star Sophie Marstatt? At least that’s what the fans of the singer suspect. (nordbuzz.de assembly)

© Stefan Gregorowius/TV Now & Instagram/sophiemarstatt (Screenshot) & imago stock/people & Michael Eichhammer/imago images

In January 2020, photos of the two appeared while on vacation in the Maldives. An official statement on the Love rumors has not yet taken place. The influencer’s followers therefore become hobby detectives and collect clues that point to a relationship between Mike Singer and Sophie Marstatt should indicate. In this case, the cat of the “Germany seeks the superstar“Jurors.

DSDS 2021 (RTL): Mike Singer is said to have a crush on beauty influencer

The musician’s animal companion is often suspiciously in photos of Sophie Marstatt to see. The fans of Mike Singer even want to have recognized the 20-year-old’s apartment in the background. “You and Mike are clearly together,” falls a follower of Instagram-Star Marstatt straight to the door into the house. “Why else would you be on Mike’s sofa and bed. You also saw Mike’s leg, ”it continues.

Among the singer’s fans there is also a suspicion that Sophie Marstatt already at Mike Singer has moved in. There is no tangible evidence of this, however, it remains purely speculative. This is especially true for the female supporters of the DSDS-Stars heartily do not care who, in their sheer desperation, further evidence of a relationship between Mike Singer and Sophie Marstatt collect.

DSDS 2021 (RTL): Mike Singer’s cat in focus – fans are looking for clues

In the Instagram-Storys the Beauty-Influencerin you can always see her holding hands with a man. Who this is about has Sophie Marstatt not yet disclosed. For the Mike Singer-Fans already know that this can only be their big idol. The Singer supporters can also provide alleged evidence. It is posted on an Instagram photo by Sophie Marstatt referenced, that again a man’s hand and the Mike Singer’s cat shows. Both the singer and the influencer are linked under this post.

The logical consequence from the female point of view Singer-Fans: If the two were not lovers, this link would not exist. Or at least it would have been deleted in order not to further strengthen existing rumors. Perhaps a resolution will follow soon. Ex-DSDS juror Michael Wendler, on the other hand, is already certain. After his concentration camp lockdown comparison did RTL the singer consistently cut out of the casting show. However, this led to protests among the TV viewers.

Rubriklistenbild: © Stefan Gregorowius/TV Now & Instagram/sophiemarstatt (Screenshot) & imago stock/people & Michael Eichhammer/imago images

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