Xbox Games With Gold with a big change. Microsoft resigns from the Xbox 360


Microsoft is sending messages to Xbox Games With Gold customers. The company will no longer offer Xbox 360 games and will focus only on proposing productions prepared for the Xbox One.

Microsoft has confirmed a big change related to the Xbox Games With Gold catalog. From October, players will only receive productions prepared for the Xbox One – the company has reached the “limit” in the case of the Xbox 360 and therefore players cannot count on more titles for this equipment.

Effective October 1, 2022, monthly games delivered to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold members via Games with Gold will no longer include Xbox 360 titles.

We have reached the limit of our ability to enter Xbox 360 games into the catalog; however, Games with Gold will continue to feature exciting Xbox One titles and exclusive discounts each month.

This will not affect any Xbox 360 games downloaded before October 2022. Any Xbox 360 titles that you receive through Games with Gold before this date can be saved to your Xbox account, whether or not you continue to subscribe.

Thank you for being a loyal member. “

As you can see, Microsoft will no longer offer Xbox 360 games, but The corporation reminds that if you have such productions in your library, you will be able to play productions from X360 even after the expiry of the Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. This is an interesting option, but hopefully we are actually witnessing much bigger changes.

For a long time Games with Gold no longer presents the expected quality and from time to time there are rumors that Xbox Game Pass will “absorb” Xbox Live Gold – in this situation the company could focus on expanding only one service. Currently, however, we have to wait for further steps, because from October Microsoft will only offer players positions on the Xbox One.

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