House of ‘Temptation Island’ candidate Rodanya completely burned down: “Our worst nightmare is now reality” | showbiz

Rodanya Kelsey was on a pink cloud when she recently announced that she is expecting twins. It is now her third pregnancy. She already has a son Levay Ace and daughter Feyla Mae with her ex-lover Morgan. With the latter she participated in 2019 as a couple in the reality program ‘Temptation Island’. Nothing is known about the father of the twins yet.

The pink cloud now seems to have turned into a gray thundercloud, as Kelsey has announced in her Instagram Stories that her house has been hit by a serious fire. “Our worst nightmare has come true. Our whole house burned down.” She enlists the help of her followers to help her and her children find a new home. “If you know of an empty house, please let us know! Preferably in the vicinity of Arnhem,” it sounds.

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