Xbox could have several collaborations in the works with other companies

Last March, Xbox fans were surrounded by good news and some other assumptions about future Xbox collaborations with other brands. In this case, rumors arose about a possible partnership of Ubisoft and Kojima with Xbox Game Pass, something that excited the fans even more. While the list of games on Xbox Game Pass It has grown considerably after the union of EA Play and the acquisition of Microsoft, but this catalog could increase even more by receiving new games. Will they be from Ubisoft, Kojima, Sega or other companies?

We still do not know what kind of collaborations Microsoft could have in hand, but now, the well-known Jez Corden, editor-in-chief of the medium Windows Central, could have reinforced the latest rumors after sharing interesting (unofficial) information through his official Twitter account. He has indicated that “Xbox has some really cool partnerships in the works.” Of course, this message has reactivated all kinds of rumors related to the alleged future collaborations with SEGA, Kojima, Square Enix and Ubisoft, in addition to exciting fans.


Although, it should be noted that the symbol that Jez has added to the tweet that you can see above, is very similar to that of SEGA’s Dreamcast, but also that of Ubisoft. Xbox could have several collaborations in process with other companies and it seems that this reputed user wanted to give us clues about the alleged companies that could be involved. Now we can only wait for those from Redmond to make their next association official.

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Xbox could have multiple collaborations

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