“Wrong moves, he should be on the grill today”

During the radio broadcast A Football on the Radio the well-known journalist Umberto Chiariello he wanted to have his say on last night’s game between Milan And Naples. Chiariello has spent words of praise towards the team Neapolitan although there were a couple of some notes denied to you. Here are his statements:

“There are analyzes on the work of Spalletti to do: changes, formations, attitudes on the pitch, tactical choices. Napoli is, to date, the best team in Italy and Spalletti has undisputed merits. I have not understood Ndombele director repeated twice. If you want to give them a minute, go out Anguissa or Zielinskias happened in Glasgow. He can’t be the substitute for Lobotka. It does not mean rejecting Spalletti, but not sharing a choice. He is not foolish, he is very intelligent, he has a very particular character: he has uncovered nerves, he is touchy, but this matters little. He is an extraordinary man of the field, in his mind many choices have a logic “.

(Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP via Getty Images)

Chiariello: “Spalletti on the grill if it happened”

Finally, Umberto Chiariello also spoke about Luciano Spalletti’s offensive choices in the last league games and even more precisely in Milan against Milan.

The choice to play Raspadori in Milan and not Simeone, he forced Napoli to stay low; the choice of Doormat Theo Hernandez’s scorer was completely wrong, there were Lozano who was very angry, Zanoli, Elmas who in these cases is always thrown in the middle. Putting Zerbin who doesn’t have a defensive mentality was objectively not a good choice. Football is good and bad for this, because sometimes everything is good, sometimes everything is bad. If Napoli hadn’t found the goal against Spezia and if Kalulu had scored, Spalletti would be on the grid today, but we are happy ”.

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