Blood Cancer Awareness Month: Treant lists facts and fairy tales

EMMEN – September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. During this month Treant calls for more attention for blood cancer disease. And this is not for nothing. More than 10,000 patients are diagnosed with this disease every year. That’s a lot of people, which is why Treant’s hematologist internists list the most important facts and myths about blood cancer.

Blood cancer is also called leukemia: MYTH!

‘Blood cancer is not the same as leukemia. Blood cancer is a collective term for several types of blood cancer. Leukemia is a type of cancer that can occur in the blood. ‘

Abnormal blood cell growth can lead to blood cancer – DONE!

‘Blood cancer originates in the bone marrow. Everyone has bone marrow in their bones. In the bone marrow, cells are made for blood. If these cells grow differently than normal, then a person has blood cancer. The type of blood cancer involved depends on which type of blood cell grows differently from normal. ‘

There are only three types of blood cancer: MYTH!

‘Blood cancer has many different types. We now know about 140 species. Examples of blood cancers include acute or chronic leukemia, lymphoma (e.g. Hodgkin’s disease), Kahler’s disease (multiple myeloma). On This Page you can read the clinical picture of these types of blood cancer. ‘

Blood cancer is the fifth most common cancer in our country: DONE!

In the Netherlands, more than 10,000 patients are diagnosed with blood cancer every year. This makes blood cancer the fifth most common form of cancer in our country. ‘

Night sweats and bruises can be symptoms of blood cancer: DONE!

‘The symptoms that cause blood cancer are sometimes vague. For example fatigue, pale appearance and weight loss. Or swollen lymph nodes, night sweats and bruises on the body. Of course, there can be an innocent cause. But it’s important that you talk to the doctor about it. ‘

Blood cancer is not cured: MYTH!

Fortunately, blood cancer can often be cured. Four combinations of treatments are possible:

  • Chemotherapy: it is a pharmacological treatment that aims to stop the process of cell growth (also called cell division);
  • Targeted therapy: treatment with drugs that specifically inhibit cancer cells in their growth. By ‘targeted’ we mean that drugs primarily target cancer cells;
  • Radiotherapy: it is a treatment in which cancer cells are killed with radiation, while healthy cells are spared as much as possible;
  • Stem cell transplant: stem cells from the patient or a donor are transplanted here. ‘

Can I go to Treant for blood cancer treatment: DONE!

‘Treant’s specialists have a lot of experience in treating blood cancers. For treatment, patients can visit our three hospitals: Scheper (Emmen), Bethesda (Hoogeveen) and Refaja (Stadskanaal). We treat these diseases in close cooperation with the UMCG. ‘

In September, Zoran Erjavec (internist-hematologist), Mieke Kuilder (nursing specialist in oncology), Christa de Bruijn-Beuker and Jolanda Schoo-IJdens (medical secretaries) and Freek Meeuwes (internist-hematologist) pay particular attention to all those who live together with blood cancer. You can see them from left to right in the photo.


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