Wow! This company distributes 4,116 cars for employee bonuses during the pandemic


It can’t be denied that Corona pandemic causing many losses in various sectors, including the economy. Some companies even have to suffer losses because their profits have decreased, even to the point of laying off their employees.

But apparently, not all companies fell during the pandemic. Like a car company from China, Bunda.

In the midst of a difficult situation, the company was able to exceed its sales target. In fact, this company provides a car bonus for each of its employees, you know.

The company is China‘s Jiangxi West Dajiu Iron & Steel Corporation, which recently made international headlines for giving away 4,116 new cars to its employees as a bonus. This is because the company has managed to exceed its profit target for five consecutive years.

Precisely on October 1st, the company organized an epic event to celebrate its success and reward its employees who have contributed to the company’s growth every year. In the last five years the company has seen an increase in profits. As a form of gratitude, the management gave something special to the staff. No half-hearted, the company gave each of its employees a car.

The cars distributed were 2,933 Jiangling Ford Territory and 1,183 FAW-Volkswagen Magotan. The cars will be distributed over the weeks leading up to the national holiday.

According to reports, the total price of the entire car was up to 500 million yuan, or around Rp1 trillion, Mother. However, it seems that the bonuses given by the company are not only that, the company even pays the cost of producing plates, car insurance for five years, and vehicle taxes.

The public’s reaction to this has been mixed. Mostly praised company is because it shares the profits with the employees. However, there are some who criticize.

Some netizens feel that Jianxy’s company should give its employees checks or money, so they can buy the car they like or whatever they need. There is even an opinion that the bonuses given may not be as much as thought, because the company could get a discount from the car factory so that it can distribute thousands of cars.

Also, see Mamah Dedeh’s message to prevent Corona transmission in this video:

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]

(yun / som)


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