Wow! Qualcomm will soon release its first mobile gaming with ASUS

TRIBUNJOGJA.COM- Good news, Qualcomm will soon release its first mobile gaming with the latest chipset technology with ASUS. HP gaming lovers can’t wait, right?

Recently Qualcomm spread out invitations for an event that will take place on 1-2 December 2020. Speculation is growing that this event is the moment to introduce the latest chipset series, namely Snapdragon 875, launched from Kontan.

GSM Arena notes that the Snapdragon 875 is the first 5nm chip to use the Cortes-X1 core with a super high level of performance.

Cooperating with ASUS as a development partner for HP gaming is considered the right decision because this manufacturer has experience in the world of HP gaming.

Through the ROG Phone line, ASUS has succeeded in bringing the best HP gaming technology. Starting from the screen refresh rate, engine cooling capability, large battery capacity, to additional controller support.

If later HP gaming Qualcomm this will be under the name ROG, so the sales figures are potentially very high as well.

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