Jan, Nick and Simon do not feel a rivalry for Televizier-Ring | Entertainment

entertainment“>„Jan has been neatly invited to the afterparty. Although it cannot be organized now ”, joked Nick against RTL Boulevard. According to Jan there is ‘no rivalry’ between him and his fellow villagers. “Nick, Simon, Kees and I just go in one car. ”

entertainment“>The singing duo is very excited about whether the prize will be won on Thursday. “I am very nervous about this,” says Nick. For Jan, the one with Dear singers has been nominated twice before, it is less scary. “To be honest, I have no nerves at all. I’ve been there twice before. Whether or not nerves does not change that much. I’ll just let it get over me. ”

entertainment“>Next Homeward Bound in Dear singer also makes Over my dead body chance of winning the Golden Televizier Ring. The TV prizes will be awarded on Thursday at the Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam.

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